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Booking Info


I would be happy to discuss the possibility of Steve Hillis & Friends performing for your event or in your restaurant or club.  Although the group typically consists of Steve Hillis (piano), Carrol Hillis (vocals), and an out-of-town guest artist when we perform at Revelations, there are many musical formats available to satisfy your needs.  For example, I can perform as a piano soloist, Carrol and I can perform as a piano-vocal duo, or I can perform in a duo with an instrumentalist (e.g., piano-sax, piano-guitar, etc).  In addition, trios (piano, vocals, bass; piano, sax, bass; piano, bass, drums; etc) are possible, as well as quartets (piano, bass, vocals, drums; piano, bass, sax, drums; etc). 

We offer a wide range of music, from pure jazz to easy listening dinner music, depending on the situation. 

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss bookings.  I can be reached by phone (641-226-0968) or by email (

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