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Saul Lubaroff has been playing music for most of his 38 yrs. He played piano at 8 yrs old, viola at 10, and clarinet at 11. In jr. high, the band director needed sax players, and Saul was happy to oblige. Saul's Dad had played Count Basie and Gerry Mulligan records around the house since Saul could remember, and was probably indirectly responsible for Saul's love of jazz.

Throughout high school there were many summer band camps, honor band festivals, and private lessons with Dan Yoder, the jazz studies professor at the U of Iowa. After his senior year, Saul was the first recipient of the Louis Armstrong Jazz award given at City High. At the U of Iowa, Saul fulfilled a life-long dream by playing in Johnson County Landmark, the University's top jazz ensemble.

In college, everywhere that there was an open jam session, or a jazz concert, or a place where musicians would gather, Saul was there with his horn.

In 1989, Saul hooked up with the band Shade of Blue, where he held down the sax chair until 1996. Saul cut 2 CD's with S.O.B. Saul has also made guest appearances on CD's by the Newman Singers, The Bent Scepters "Blind Date with Destiny" CD, and Saul arranged all of the horn parts, and played a screamin' sax solo for Shoe Money's CD that will be released summer '04.

Since 1997, the Saul Lubaroff Group has been a mainstay in the Iowa City music scene. They have been regular performers at the Mill, The Sanctuary, Martini's Bar, and the Marketplace in Amana, Iowa. Saul's group has appeared twice at the IC Jazz Festival as a side stage performer. They have been regular performers for the "Just Jazz Series," "Market Music" and the West Branch summer concert series.

Saul also has played on 2 CD's with side group, The "Blue Tuna's."

When Saul has free time, he loves to spend time with his 2 sons, Zane (10) and Will 8.

Link:  Saul's website